Forex forex

Forex forex

       For several years, interstate financial market Forex (Forex) - the world's largest foreign exchange market. Virtually every trading day the total volume of transactions in the market Forex (Forex) over 3 trillion dollars, far more than the total volume of transactions at the largest U.S. stock market. Every day more and more traders conduct business on Forex. Forex - a specific market, with no specified place of trading.

         Today the market Forex (Forex) binds the state and commercial banks, brokers, special company and personal traders using special methods of information transfer. As the market Forex (Forex) has a location for trading, it allows him to work continuously for a week, making a break only on Saturday and Sunday. Today, of course, the most dynamic and largest foreign exchange market is the market Forex, Forex affects the entire world community, in recent years the main areas of foreign exchange transactions are London, New York and Tokyo.
The market Forex (Forex) the following members:
       Insurers Forex Forex - in this category represent the exporting and importing companies, as well as companies that fulfill current payments in foreign currency. For this category of participants in the foreign exchange market Forex (Forex) is paramount to minimize risks and exclusion of significant losses.
       Merchants (sometimes called speculators) Forex Trading - in this category, representing individuals and companies that sell currency for a specific purpose, to get income from the difference of exchange quotations for a certain time.
       Investors Forex Forex - in this group represented solid businessmen who have large capital and invest them in various commercial transactions. These investors hold foreign exchange transactions in several markets and profit from the difference in their exchange rates.
      Market Forex Forex brokers - in this group the most colorful - is banks, currency dealers, various brokers, solid Dealing centers and some companies that provide intermediary services in foreign exchange transactions of small traders by offering them specialized trading platform.

         Since the currency market Forex (Forex) trading a huge number of various traders, varied in nature, so the market Forex (Forex) is the most unpredictable world currency and they can not manage or continued strong financial structure does not even state banks leading countries. Not surprisingly, changes in exchange quotations occur under the influence of all market participants Forex (Forex), not only reputable banks.
         Lead a successful trading in the market Forex (Forex) is very easy to buy the currency when its price falls and sell it when the price rises, the price difference of buying and selling and creates income trader. It seems simple, but actually this problem is often quite difficult because you must theoretically predict what time a particular currency will rise or fall.
To predict the market traders use various types of analysis of Forex (Forex):
        Fundamental analysis of Forex (Forex) - a method of forecasting future changes in foreign exchange quotations in the analysis of economic and political factors and other processes that affect the supply and demand for a currency.
       Technical analysis of Forex (Forex) - a method of predicting transformation quotations and directions in the financial markets securities, currencies and commodities in the analysis of various indicators, charts and other indicators derived from historical charts and quotes value trading in the market Forex (Forex) by last time.

    Really become a successful trader in the foreign exchange market Forex (Forex) can be only learned to predict the behavior of the foreign exchange market, using not a single prediction method, and combining different types of fundamental and technical analysis of market Forex (Forex).